Desconstrução (Acústico MTV)

Tiago Iorc

This letter masterfully translates the subject: depression and social networks. Below is the letter translated by Google into English: When you first met On the dark screen of your phone Left the scene to be able to enter And relieve your shyness Put on an ego that didn't satisfy Dramatized the routine view Like it was divine gift I just wanted a little attention But found his own loneliness She was just a girl Opening your eyes didn't satisfy you Entered the dark of your phone He ran to the mirror to put on makeup Painted his pallor with pain And trusted his first time In the wake of a parent who did not see Not even the mother herself understood The step time of vain pleasures He saw all the grace escape from his hands And came home so empty Dawn as soon as it fell apart Opened the eyes of a cellphone Relieved screen on entering Took all shyness off the scene Powered nudity nets Fantasized the panache of routine Made your skin your fate Shattered into virtual shards In appearances all so equal Ruin singularities He entered the darkness of his pallor. Shattered your cell body Left the scene to relieve himself Dressed up the drama one last time Settle in your liquidity Viralized in heat of ruin She was just a girl No one noticed your depression He followed the pack sliding his hand To ensure a like


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