August Community Update

Check out what's new on Wave Radio this past month

Every month I'm going to be sharing a recap of what's changed on Wave Radio. I'm always adding new features and updating existing ones so there's a lot to cover. I'd also love to get the feedback from everyone in the community on what I'm working on and what you'd like to see to improve everyone's experience.

πŸ“– Blog

This month I launched the official Wave Radio blog. My aim is for it to be a place to share updates on the community as well as music related stories and articles. It's a key addition for the future growth of Wave Radio as it can help bring in new users as well. If you have any ideas for articles you'd like to see or if you'd like to write an article yourself send me an email at

βœ” Chrome Extension

Sometimes you're excited to post a song you're listening to only to find out someone else posted it a day ago. Now with the Chrome extension installed it will automatically tell you if a video can be posted. Once you see the green checkmark, you can share it. Get it here.

🎢 Related songs

On every song page you'll now find a selection of related songs below it. Sometimes when you find a song you like you want to hear similar songs as well. There's still a lot of improvements to come to make the recommendations even more relevant so I'd appreciate any feedback you have.

🎨 Design Updates

Take a look at your favorite genre pages and you'll see some new colorful backgrounds as well as filters so you can adjust the songs displayed.
Artists pages have also been revamped a bit with unique images and bios for some artists as well as filters.

πŸ“Š Trending Artists

On the sidebar on the home page you'll now find a list of trending artists on Wave Radio. If you're looking for a new artist to check out or just wondering who's popular it's a simple way to do that.

Next Month

There's a lot of tasks on the public roadmap to get done still. My main focus next month will be producing content for the blog and features to encourage users to signup and stick around.
If there's any additions you'd like to see or thoughts you'd like to share let me know!